Former Baltimore DJ sentenced for drunk driving conviction

When someone is charged with drunk driving, there can be more than just legal consequences. There can be damage done to relationships, hurt felt by family and professional consequences as well.

A well-known Baltimore disc jockey for 98 Rock, avoided a trial by pleading guilty to drunk driving. He will spend six months in jail and in addition, has lost the job that he has had for 20 years.

The drunk driving charge came as a result of a three-car accident in which five people suffered injuries. The injuries were described as minor; however those who were injured made statements in court that they did not feel like minor injuries. One injured woman may need to declare bankruptcy due to lost work time. Another man who is a war veteran says the anxiety he was suffering has been made worse.

The former DJ made apologies to all of those injured and to his family. He underwent immediate alcohol treatment following the accident and has pledged to turn his life around.

There are several ways to handle a drunk driving charge and the former DJ has chosen the one in which the accused places himself at the mercy of the court.

The former DJ was originally charged with a DUI, driving an unsafe vehicle and negligent driving plus other minor offenses. Under the plea agreement he was found guilty of negligent driving and given probation before judgment on the DUI charge. He was sentenced to six months and ordered to abstain from all alcohol under the terms of his probation.

Source: The Aegis, “Former 98 Rock DJ pleads guilty to driving drunk,” Bryna Zumer, Oct. 23, 2012

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