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Baltimore woman says police framed husband with robbery

There are very strict rules of evidence that police and prosecutors must abide by when investigating a case. Failing to do so…

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Baltimore woman accused of attempted murder for car accident

When an accident occurs in Baltimore or elsewhere, there are always those who say it could have been prevented or that it…

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Baltimore drug roundup results in charges against 24

Increasing crime has been an increasing problem in Baltimore of late and the police apparently intend to do something about it. A…

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22-year-old Baltimore man confesses to rape of 13-year-old

In most instances when there is a violent crime or sexual assault that is made public, it is followed by news that…

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Baltimore teenage boy accused of shooting teenage girlfriend

The age of adulthood in Maryland is 18. If a teenager is convicted of a serious crime such as murder, he or…

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Baltimore cops accused of assaulting suspect during drug arrest

Due process. It’s a concept at the core of criminal law in the United States. Everyone who is accused of a crime,…

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Plea deal keeps basketball star out of Baltimore jail

As a 19-year-old, Aquille Carr has already achieved a certain amount of fame. The Baltimore Sun named him its Boys Athlete of…

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Former Baltimore DJ sentenced for drunk driving conviction

When someone is charged with drunk driving, there can be more than just legal consequences. There can be damage done to relationships,…

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Violent crime weekend shakes up Baltimore

It may be hard for anyone to read the newspaper or watch the television news in Baltimore and not come to the…

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Baltimore man charged with assault and weapon violations

One of the negative aspects of a criminal conviction in Baltimore is that any future arrests may carry enhanced consequences. This holds…

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Drug gang arrests — Part One

The Baltimore police have been very busy. Through the use of wire taps, undercover police officers, surveillance and other traditional police methods,…

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Teens killing teens in Baltimore: a 19-year-old is charged

It has been widely reported that the human brain is still developing until a person reaches their mid-twenties. A recent murder in…

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More cameras net more traffic violators, Baltimore study says

For most of us in Baltimore, a traffic violation may seem relatively minor in comparison to a drunk driving ticket. However, traffic…

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43-year-old Baltimore man charged with identity theft

Some crimes do not have a witness who can testify that a crime was committed. In Baltimore or elsewhere, it is possible…

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Maryland juveniles increasingly charged as adults

In our post last week our Baltimore readers were told the story of the bullied 15-year-old who brought a shotgun to school.…

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Bullied teenager opens fire in Maryland school

Any teacher in Baltimore understands that the early teenage years are a difficult transition time for their students. They are not yet…

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Baltimore man accused of theft across the Mason-Dixon Line

According to the history books, the Mason-Dixon Line was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 and marked the border between Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware…

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Murder trial in jury deliberations, Baltimore residence is key

A murder trial is underway in which a jury will decide the fate of a 36-year-old man. The trial is in Sullivan…

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Baltimore firefighter faces criminal charges, job consequences

Our Baltimore readers may think that a criminal charge is a terrible thing, which it is. However, in addition to a criminal…

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Nursing home owner faces criminal charges for patient injury

Harry Truman was quoted as saying, “The buck stops here.” We assume he meant that he would take responsibility for anything that…

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