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Baltimore woman says police framed husband with robbery

There are very strict rules of evidence that police and prosecutors must abide by when investigating a case. Failing to do so may unravel the State’s case and will result in an acquittal for the defendant. While many in Baltimore would hope that police would never violate these rules, there are frequently reports of police failing to respect suspects’ rights. For a 51-year-old Baltimore man, there may be some evidence that police have framed him for a robbery that happened at Mercy Medical Center earlier this month.

The man’s wife told The Baltimore Sun that at the time the robbery took place her husband was at a court-ordered drug treatment program. Although no one at the treatment program has officially commented on the situation yet, this should be relatively easy to prove or disprove. If there is any evidence that the man was at his treatment program, the charges should be dismissed.

It is true that the man had previously been convicted of robberies and burglaries before, but just because someone has a criminal record does not mean that he or she is the only person to have committed the crime. Relying solely on someone’s past mistakes is insufficient in determining whether someone is guilty of a crime. The man’s wife has gone one step further to say that the police framed her husband because of his “background.”

It appears that police were relying on security camera footage when they arrested the man in this recent robbery. Security footage is notoriously unclear and it is important that police find other evidence to support their claims before they bring this man to trial.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Man arrested in connection with hospital robbery,” Ian Duncan, March 2, 2013

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