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Drug Trafficking

Maryland drug investigation nets 12 suspects

Over the course of several months, four law enforcement agencies conducted a large undercover operation to implicate individuals believed to be connected…

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Baltimore cop doubts validity of drug charges filed against him

When a 13-year veteran of the Baltimore police force recently appeared in court, he wasn’t showing up to provide testimony for the…

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Would you like fries with those drug charges?

Two young brothers, ages 18 and 20, were recently arrested in Baltimore County on suspicion of drug possession and distribution. Police reported…

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Ocean City flooded with heroin trafficking

When Maryland law enforcement sees an increase in a particular sort of crime — heroin trafficking for example — they attempt to…

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Baltimore drug roundup results in charges against 24

Increasing crime has been an increasing problem in Baltimore of late and the police apparently intend to do something about it. A…

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Baltimore cops accused of assaulting suspect during drug arrest

Due process. It’s a concept at the core of criminal law in the United States. Everyone who is accused of a crime,…

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Drug gang arrests — Part Two

In our last post we mentioned that law enforcement is cracking down on drug crimes in Baltimore and that a mother and…

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Drug gang arrests — Part One

The Baltimore police have been very busy. Through the use of wire taps, undercover police officers, surveillance and other traditional police methods,…

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Where is the marijuana growing?

There is no shortage of talk regarding marijuana within this country, with some states allowing the legal use of medical marijuana. Despite…

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14 individuals charged in a massive drug scheme

Maryland has severe consequences for criminal drug convictions. Many sentences involve hefty fines and lengthy jail time. Recently, prosecutors filed charges against…

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Change in drug sentencing helps out Maryland inmates

Back in 1980’s, a basketball star for the University of Maryland died of a crack overdose. Sources suspect that that high-profile death…

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Supposed Baltimore drug crime suspect questions police tactics

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you have the day off and have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of your home…

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Woman sentenced to 11 years in prison for role in Baltimore drug ring

A Baltimore-area woman was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison for her role in a heroin ring. Her fate shows just…

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Baltimore star of ‘The Wire’ settles drug charges with guilty plea

Sometimes, criminal cases do not turn out the way that you might think they would. For example, a few months back, we…

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Drug and firearms charges brought against Maryland men

Drug charges usually follow an extensive and long-term investigation by several different law enforcement officials. Typically, these agencies will build a case…

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Ex-Baltimore officer has unique idea about winning war on drugs

Last Tuesday in Washington, D.C., an event was held that marked the 40th anniversary of the U.S.’ war on drugs. Rather than that…

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‘The Wire’ star pleads not guilty to drug charges in Baltimore court

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, a woman known for her role on the HBO series “The Wire” recently pleaded not guilty at her arraignment…

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Maryland drug dealer held accountable for user’s fatal overdose

When it comes to the legal consequences that come along with drug crimes, some might be surprised to find out the extent…

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Maryland man convicted of drug trafficking charges

A Maryland man will be sentenced to prison time for his alleged role in the drug trafficking ring. Gettysburg Times reports that…

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Baltimore Woman Receives Light Sentence on Drug Charges

An unlucky-in-love woman received a lenient sentence after pleading guilty to possession with intent to distribute heroin. The Baltimore woman was sentenced…

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