‘The Wire’ star pleads not guilty to drug charges in Baltimore court

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, a woman known for her role on the HBO series “The Wire” recently pleaded not guilty at her arraignment earlier this month. She was originally arrested on conspiracy and drug charges back in March in conjunction with a sting operation put together by state and federal law enforcement officials. The undercover operation termed “Operation Usual Suspects” by law enforcement, resulted in the arrest of more than 60 people.

The police accused Pearson of providing financial support to a criminal organization that sold numerous types of drugs, including heroin and marijuana, throughout the greater Baltimore area. Originally, the court refused to release Pearson on bail; however, the judge later agreed to release her on a $50,000 bond so that she could continue working on a film.

Pearson’s trial has been scheduled for August 9th. According to reports, Pearson’s attorney does not believe that the prosecutor has provided any facts or evidence that shows that Pearson is guilty of being involved in a drug conspiracy. This incident, however, is not Pearson’s first run-in with the law. At the age of 14, Pearson was arrested and convicted of second-degree murder after shooting and killing a girl. She was originally sentenced to serve eight years in prison, but was released after serving five.

According to Pearson’s representatives, the actress is currently working on three different film projects, including one project that is being filmed out of state in Philadelphia. While Pearson is out on bail, she will be able to continue working until her trial date in August.


The Baltimore Sun: “‘Wire’ actress ‘Snoop’ Pearson pleads not guilty in drug case,” Tricia Bishop, 17 May 2011

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