Supposed Baltimore drug crime suspect questions police tactics

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you have the day off and have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of your home and snack on leftovers. Within the walls of our houses, we tend to feel safe and secure. One Baltimore man feels that his security was violated recently by officials investigating a supposed drug crime.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the man was in his home with some friends one evening, when his home’s door was kicked down by police. Officials penetrated his home, handcuffed some of the occupants inside and began a search of the premises. They had a warrant, but is that enough in this instance to have behaved the way that they did?

The West Baltimore man feels that his right to privacy was violated. Also, his property was damaged. Police indicate that they knocked on the door before breaking it down, but the homeowner seems to remember otherwise. The police supposedly felt there was urgency to get into the home because they were afraid that “evidence” of criminal activity was being hidden or destroyed.

Sources suggest that this could be a case of a misunderstanding between the homeowner and people whom he claims he lets use his home during the day. Officials got the warrant to search the house and seize any evidence after reportedly participating in an undercover drug buy during a recent daytime visit.

No evidence of such drug activity was found after the cops bust open the door and searched the house. The man currently is not facing a drug charge, but he might want to be proactive and consult a criminal defense attorney in case officials continue their focus on his property.


The Baltimore Sun: “Man complains about drug raid, but police say there’s more to the story,” Peter Hermann, Nov. 18, 2011

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