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Maryland man convicted of drug trafficking charges

A Maryland man will be sentenced to prison time for his alleged role in the drug trafficking ring. Gettysburg Times reports that the man will be sentenced to up to two years in state prison for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Drug trafficking and distribution convictions are usually the result of a long police investigation that involves many witnesses. Some of these witnesses may have questionable motives for their cooperation with law enforcement authorities and may provide unreliable testimony in court.

Searches are another key component of many drug trafficking investigations. The Maryland man’s car and person was searched by police during a traffic stop. It is unclear why police officers decided to search the man’s pockets.

Although the facts of this particular case are not clear, many traffic searches are conducted without warrants because police officers intimidate drivers into consenting to the search of their vehicles and clothing.

A search of the man’s pocket allegedly revealed a cigarette container that had cocaine in it, which led to his arrest. The vehicle was allegedly registered to a drug ring leader, who the man said told him to make a drug run. It is unclear whether the man received a reduced sentence for his guilty plea.

The man said that he did not know where the drugs came from.

“I went to a K-Mart on the Northern Parkway in Baltimore and would leave the money in the vehicle,” he said. “When I came out, the stuff was there.”

The man will be sentenced in April 21.

Source: Gettysburg Times, “Md. man earns time for role in drug ring,” Jarrad Hedes, 3/21/11

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