From “Pawn Stars” to bar brawl, star is accused of assault

The Baltimore Sun reported on Monday that a star from the hit TV program “Pawn Stars” is involved in an assault case. The report states that a bar fight broke out in an out-of-state location on Sunday, and Corey Harrison, 27, is being named as the suspected aggressor.

We are used to seeing the pawn star haggling with customers at his grandfather’s Las Vegas pawn shop. Now, he will have to use his skills at bargaining to protect his name from battery and resisting arrest charges.

Depending on the specific case, a conviction of a violent crime can result in more than a mere slap on the wrist. The defendant could be ordered to pay steep fines and serve jail time. Being as early in this case as it is, details regarding the allegation are still unknown.

Sources do not report whether Harrison, known by his fans as “Big Hoss,” has a criminal record. If he does, then this charge could be taken more seriously by a court. If his record is clean, then a court might go easier on him, but the potential conviction could severely taint his record. Should his grandfather’s business ever fail, the defendant might have difficulty finding other work with a criminal record.

In regards to assault cases such as this, officials will look over any surveillance from the incident. Also, witness statements also play a big role in the case. Especially in cases involving bar fights, where the alleged victim was often drunk at the time of the fight and very well contributed to the reported assault, a thorough investigation of the facts is crucial.

Sources report that the defendant was drunk when police arrested him from the bar and, therefore, was kept in police custody overnight until he got sober. We will post an update when more develops in this case.


The Baltimore Sun: “‘Pawn Star’ Arrested After SoCal Bar Fight,” KTLA News, 21 Mar. 2011

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