Maryland man facing serious criminal charges in girl’s death

Maryland readers are likely aware of the tragic and horrific death of a 10-year-old girl. News of the child’s rape and murder spread quickly within the Cecil County area, and the thoughts and prayers of the community go out to those who were close to this little girl. Police have arrested a suspect in the case, who now faces a range of serious criminal charges, including rape and murder.

Police assert that the child went missing while staying at the home of family friends whom she considered to be grandparents. According to her stepfather, the 10-year-old spent a recent Saturday night at the couple’s home along with her 9-year-old brother, then returned home to ask permission to stay there for the coming week. She was allowed to do so, packed her clothing and left. Her body was found on Monday evening about 60 yards from the couple’s home.

The man charged in the case is the couple’s 29-year-old son. Police assert that they have biological evidence linking him to the girl’s murder. There is no detailed information available concerning the nature of the evidence or how it was collected. As this man moves forward toward trial in the matter, his defense may rely heavily on the type and manner of collection of any biological evidence presented. Because the child was staying in the home of his parents, the defense team may argue that certain biological markers could expect to be found linking the man to the child.

In cases in which serious criminal charges are at play, the legal team assigned or hired to defend the accused party will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the evidence at hand. The nature of this particular crime is disturbing to the Maryland community where it took place, and there is a great deal of pressure placed upon law enforcement to find the person responsible for the crimes. However, it is important that police do not rush to identify and arrest a suspect, and that anyone who stands accused of these horrific crimes is granted their right to a fair and unbiased court proceeding.

Source: NBC Washington, “Maryland Man Charged in Death of 10-Year-Old Girl,” June 14, 2013

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