Drug charges taken seriously in Maryland and elsewhere

Criminal charges of any kind can be frightening. Depending upon the seriousness of the alleged crime, the consequences of an arrest can be devastating. Furthermore, a conviction on criminal charges can have long reaching effects. This is true for a wide variety of cases – including drug charges

Hip-hop sensation 2 Chainz, who was formerly arrested in Maryland on drug charges for the possession of marijuana, has been arrested again – but this time out on the west coast. The rap star was already on board a flight when airport employees discovered Promethazine stored in his checked luggage. Promethazine is a narcotic and is used in the creation of a drug called sizzurp.

The discovery of the drug resulted in the rapper being removed from the plane at Los Angeles International Airport. He was later booked on felony drug charges. During the ordeal, police allegedly also found a small amount of marijuana in the rap star’s luggage. The hip-hop star apparently addressed his fans and followers by tweeting about his arrest, ‘Nobody took Anything from me, i didn’t get shot, I’m not in jail, Don’t know wut else to tell ya. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, maybe next time,’ A spokesperson for the rapper has made no other comments.

Felony drug charges are taken seriously in every state, including here in Maryland. However, charges for drug possession do not have to result in life altering consequences. The right legal defense can dramatically improve one’s chances of protecting his or her freedom in the wake of a drug related offense.

Source: digitalspy.com, “2 Chainz arrested for drug possession at LA airport,” Justin Harp, June 12,

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