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Man faces DUI charges after single car crash in Maryland

A man has recently been arrested resulting from a car accident on Route 213, just north of Route 301 in Centreville. Maryland police suspected that the man was driving under the influence, which was a factor in the single car crash. The man is now facing DUI charges stemming from the incident.

According to the report, the man supposedly drove his vehicle off the road and into a ditch in Centreville. Another citizen reportedly saw the vehicle in the ditch, and the citizen called 911 to report the accident. The citizen was also purportedly concerned about the driver’s sobriety as the citizen watched the man attempt to get out of the vehicle.

When police received the call, two officers arrived on the scene. One of the officers allegedly smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath, and he claims to have noticed other signs of impairment, but those signs were not detailed in the report. The officers supposedly administered field sobriety tests to the man, and they subsequently arrested him after he purportedly failed those tests. The report does not detail the exact tests that were given.

The man has been arrested, and he now faces Maryland DUI charges. However, even though field sobriety tests were supposedly administered to the man, they are not always a completely accurate measure of an accused person’s sobriety. A blood test is the best way to measure someone’s blood alcohol level, and without one, it could be difficult for prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the man was driving under the influence. If this situation occurs, then the charges against the man could be potentially dropped or reduced.

Source:, Easton man charged with DUI, No author, Dec. 26, 2013

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