Man accused of violating Maryland domestic violence laws

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer will see a great many cases involving spousal abuse and other issues surrounding violence in the home. Because of the serious and escalating nature of spousal abuse, an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer is well-versed in Maryland domestic violence laws and how they are implemented to try and prevent the situation from getting out of control.

In a serious incident of a man violating Maryland domestic violence laws, a woman was attacked by her boyfriend with a baseball bat. He then came back to the home and set it on fire with ten people inside. Three were injured. The man had been previously accused of violating Maryland domestic violence laws when he punched a woman in the face and subsequently failed to comply with a court order that was meant to keep him away from her.

In this incident, the man had beaten the girlfriend with the bat and left the scene. Police were called and she went to the hospital to be treated. Later on that afternoon, the fire department was called to the home – which was the residence of the girlfriend – and found it to be on fire. Among those in the home at the time of the fire were three children age three and younger. Witnesses gave a description matching the man. He was spotted by police searching the area and, after a brief chase, arrested.

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer can assist a person subjected to spousal abuse. A victim can receive help in getting a protective order against a family member or person with whom they share a child or a residence. The victim can also get a peace order for protection from a neighbor, acquaintance or a stranger.

In the above case, the charges are very serious. In addition to the physical abuse the accused man inflicted upon his girlfriend, he is also believed to have started a fire that could have led to the deaths of many people. If a person is confronted with violence in the home or from an acquaintance, it would be wise to speak to a Maryland domestic violence lawyer for help.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “Man accused of beating girlfriend, setting fire to home,” Justin George, Dec. 17, 2013

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