Man accused of several robberies takes plea deal in theft case

A man accused of robbing several businesses and employees from Jan. 21 to Feb. 17, 2013, recently accepted a plea deal in his case. He is said to have stolen over $15,000 worth of merchandise and cash. The 53-year-old Maryland man pleaded guilty to five counts of robbery in his theft case.

The man was accused of robbing a total of seven Maryland businesses. The most notable of the crimes included the theft of $10,000 worth of jewelry from a jeweler, $3,000 from the cash register. He also reportedly swiped lottery proceeds from a liquor shop and $2,543 from registers at two separate gas stations. He also apparently stole over $300 from multiple clerks and employees who worked at the businesses.

Each time he committed these crimes, the man supposedly wore a ski mask. He also purportedly pointed what “appeared” to be a gun at the employees when he entered the businesses. Originally, the man faced up to 20 years imprisonment as well as an up to $250,000 fine per each of the five robbery charges. The details of his plea agreement and his potentially lower sentence have not been made publicly available. He is expected to be sentenced in July.

Every person accused of a crime in Maryland has the right to make decisions in his or her criminal defense in an attempt to achieve the best outcome. In this man’s case, there appears to be some evidence — such as the ski mask concealing his identity as well as the alleged gun — whose relevance and validity he could have contested in court. However, he chose to accept a plea agreement in his theft case. While not every case results in a plea bargain, those defendants who are given this option usually weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully in order to make a decision in their own best interests.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Md. Man Enters Guilty Plea To 5 Counts Of Robbery”, , April 8, 2014

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