People may need assistance with overseas adoptions

People in Howard County who are considering adopting a child need to be aware of the legal issues that accompany such a decision. This is especially true when the adoption is of a child from a country outside the United States. A Howard County adoption lawyer sees all different kinds of adoption scenarios and knows the details of Maryland adoption laws to help people complete their goal of adoption.


A couple with three children of their own wanted to expand their family to include two children from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They became even more determined to do so after their eldest child died. They found two children to adopt and traveled to see them. They were legally allowed to adopt the children when a problem arose. The Democratic Republic of Congo stopped issuing the documentation that would have allowed the children to leave. The couple is taking steps to speed the children’s arrival and are contacting political figures to help them speed the process. They’re still waiting for the situation to be resolved.

Any family issue can be complicated and it’s important that people protect their rights and interests. Whether it be a separation agreement, divorce, alimony, child custody, domestic violence or adoption, there are legal hurdles that have to be dealt with. It can make a family’s transition much easier to understand their legal options to prevent small issues from becoming large ones.

In this case, the family is trying to adopt two children from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite legally having completed the adoption, they’re still having trouble bringing the children to the U.S. to complete their family. Whether a family is trying to adopt from a foreign country or is trying to adopt a child from the U.S., it is wise to ensure all the proper procedures are followed to make the entire process easier for everyone.


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