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3 suspected in motel armed robbery, assault and theft; 1 arrested

One out of three individuals suspected of committing an armed robbery in Frederick was recently arrested regarding various charges. The men are accused of assaulting a victim at a Motel 6 and stealing some of his personal belongings. The Maryland police have arrest warrants out on the other two suspects for their part in the alleged theft.

On Jan. 3, the local police were called to the Motel 6 to investigate a crime in which a victim was injured and robbed. The victim told police that he and a woman were inside his motel room when several men came to the door. The woman allegedly invited the men in, and one of the men supposedly pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the victim.

Another man purportedly struck the victim with a glass bottle while the third man allegedly took some of the victim’s personal belongings. The three men then fled the scene on foot, but they supposedly later got into a car. The local police recently tracked down one of the suspects and arrested him, and he is currently out on bond. The police are still looking for two more suspects who face charges including assault, theft and armed robbery upon arrest.

It is not clear how the Maryland police were able to identify and therefore attempt to arrest the three men. Nevertheless, it is clear that the man who was arrested will want to form a strong criminal defense so that he may present the inconsistencies in his theft case. The man will also want to make sure that he safeguards his legal rights throughout this process.

Source:, “2 suspects wanted in Md. Motel 6 robbery”, , April 3, 2014

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