Father’s rights lawyer helps actor win custody of daughter

Although it can be difficult for a father to gain custody of a child in a divorce or custody proceeding, a child custody lawyer in Maryland can assist in this endeavor. A Howard County child custody lawyer knows the terrain of a courtroom and how to use Maryland child custody laws to the father’s advantage when the child would likely be better-served to live with him.

Even famous men have to fight for custody with a father’s rights lawyer. The star of the hit television series The Vampire Diaries, Zach Roerig, recently won custody of his daughter after an extended legal fight. At the time of his filing for custody in June, Mr. Roerig’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of the child was – and currently still is – incarcerated for what have been described as “various crimes” stemming from three arrests. In his filing, Mr. Roerig also requested child support, but has since retracted the request. The child was born in 2011 and, until the custody battle became public, was kept a secret from his fans and the media.

Maryland child custody laws apply to numerous types of situations. If there are issues with child support, visitation, one parent moving out of state with the child, paternity or modifications to the agreement, a child custody lawyer in Maryland can clarify the law and help with the case.

As in cases like Mr. Roerig’s, custody of a child can be a difficult and long process. When facing Maryland child custody issues, parents should understand all of their legal rights and options.

Source: ABC15.com, “Zach Roerig wins full custody of daughter,” Oct. 22, 2013

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