A grandparent’s rights attorney handles case with mother jailed

Maryland child custody laws can be complicated especially when it comes to the rights of grandparents. A Howard County child custody lawyer frequently sees disputes in which the grandparents are trying to receive visitation rights to see their grandchildren or are petitioning for outright custody for one reason or another. In some instances, the parents do not recognize the grandparent’s rights to see the children and legal wrangling about the issue ensues with a child custody lawyer in Maryland trying to help.

The mother of a 7-year-old child is in jail for her refusal to allow her parents to see the child. The mother, age 32, is alleging that there is the possibility of abuse in the home of the grandparents and she does not trust them alone with the child. The mother is in jail on charges of contempt after the judge ruled that the grandparents should be allowed to see the child without supervision. An unidentified male member of the grandparents’ household was investigated for child abuse charges, but the alleged victim ceased cooperation and the charges were not pursued.

Cases involving grandparents’ rights are among the most difficult a child custody lawyer in Maryland can face. Whether it’s with grandparents or parents, there are many factors involving child custody from visitation rights, altering of visitation rights, paternity, out-of-state moves and other issues that can lead to intense debate among the parties. Negotiation sometimes works but litigation is frequently necessary.

As in this case, the consequences of a dispute can be significant and life-changing. A family facing this level of disagreement would be wise to speak to a grandparent’s rights attorney who is familiar with Maryland child custody laws for assistance and advice.

Source: WDAY.com, “A volatile grandparents rights battle lands a Fargo mother in jail,” Kevin Wallevand, Oct. 16, 2013

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