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Maryland basketball coach faces DUI charge

Maryland residents that are facing or have faced a DUI charge may be aware of the possible consequences that could result. While several stories involving this type of charge make headlines, one recent story involving a basketball coach is making headlines nationwide. The assistant coach is facing a DUI charge following a weekend incident.

According to reports, this is not the man’s first alcohol-related charge. It appears this will be the third time he has faced such charges, although not all in the same state. For now, the man has taken a leave of absence from his position with the school, but did release a statement thanking the staff for their support and encouragement as he focuses on these issues.

This man could benefit from the support he is receiving from his friends and the basketball program. He could potentially face his charges and ultimately have a coaching position to return to. It is not known at this time if that will be an option, but not all accused individuals are fortunate enough to have a strong support system.

As this case continues through the Maryland court system, it is unknown what sentence, if any, the man might receive in the event of a conviction. The outcome of his other charges were not reported, therefore it would be hard to predict any possible punishment he could face. Individuals that are facing a DUI charge could benefit from having a support system and understanding their rights as their case moves forward. Many variables could influence the outcome of the case and knowing what a person could expect as they move forward with their defense could not only ease their mind, but be beneficial as well.

Source:, Maryland assistant Hill takes leave of absence following latest DUI, Matt Norlander, Oct. 22, 2013

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