Facebook post about crashing a party leads to warrant arrest

There are just some things that shouldn’t be posted on Facebook. Crashing a party that was a fundraiser for the local sheriff is probably one of those things.

A 26-year-old man posted on the social media network that he was at a party for some politician, and while he didn’t know anyone there, the free food and beer was good. He added that he hoped no one asked him why he was there. The party was for the sheriff of Anne Arundel County, who eventually learned of the man’s post. He had his own response to the party crasher’s words: “That was a bad play for you, [defendant’s name], last night at Michael’s 8th Avenue. Thanks for posting your confession.”

The man agreed to meet the sheriff and he soon found himself arrested on a failure to appear warrant for a traffic charge. He does not have any charges that relate to crashing the sheriff’s party. Apparently, the man didn’t say much when he was arrested, although the amount of beer he consumed was downplayed. The sheriff said that the man is a professional poker player, but that he wonders just how good he is when there were “tells” all over the place on whose party it was. The sheriff said there were signs everywhere.

Facing traffic charges might not seem like a big deal, but some do have the possible penalty of jail and hefty fines. Failing to appear for court only compounds the problem. Instead, get experienced legal representation to fight the charges. An attorney can tell you how to build a strong defense or how to mitigate the possible penalties.

Source: Capital Gazette, “Bateman party crasher’s Facebook boast leads to arrest for open warrant,” Chase Cook, Feb. 02, 2016

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