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Challenging field sobriety tests is possible

When you face a drunk driving charge in Maryland, you are facing the possibility of harsh criminal penalties. These penalties can affect your freedom, your finances and your life. If you are facing drunk driving charges, you should work to understand the possible defense options that might apply to your case. Field sobriety tests are one component of drunk driving charges that can often be challenged.

We know that figuring out what to challenge and how to challenge it in a criminal case can be difficult. That is where having an understanding of some basic points might help. We can help you to understand what can be challenged in your case. We can also help you to learn what the challenge is based on and how it can help your case.

When it comes to drunk driving charges, field sobriety tests have a few points that might be challenged. We might be able to call the admissibility of a field sobriety test into question if it wasn’t performed correctly.

Another possible challenge has to do with why you were stopped. If there wasn’t a valid reason to pull you over, we can use that as a factor in your defense. This is one reason why we look into every aspect of not only the case against you, but also the points relating to your traffic stop and arrest.

Because of the severity of drunk driving conviction penalties, you should get to work on planning a defense strategy right away. We can help you decide on a strategy and build your case.

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