Social media can play a part in the divorce process

Going through a divorce can be a frustrating experience. Even if you are the one who is ending the marriage, it can be difficult to know that the official end is near. There is a phenomenon occurring with divorces now that is known as the Facebook divorce. This type of divorce is said to originate because of information found on social media.

It is easy to share your entire life on Facebook and other social media websites. When it comes to the information you share, you should make sure that you don’t mind it being public. Even if you erase things off of social media websites, that won’t stop cached versions or screenshots from remaining. That is one point that often leads people to divorce.

When you notice that your spouse’s claims to you don’t match up with information on a social media profile, you might decide that the marriage is over. One example would be if your spouse is supposed to be on a business trip but a picture of him or her surfaces online that shows them with a person of the opposite sex at a dance party.

The information on social media can also be used during the divorce, so you should be careful about what you share. For example, if you are seeking spousal support, you shouldn’t post things related to high-ticket items you purchased. Additionally, if you are trying to get custody of your kids, posting pictures of you drinking, doing drugs, or partying likely isn’t appropriate.

Another thing that you should consider is that you shouldn’t say bad things about your ex. Even that information could possibly be used against you during the divorce. If you are unsure of whether you should post something or not, make sure that you get your question answered.

Source: FindLaw, “Facebook Divorce,” accessed Feb. 10, 2016

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