Child Custody Decisions Over COVID Vaccinations

Since the COVID-19 vaccine was developed earlier this year, there has been a lot of debate over it. Should you get it or should you wait? If your kids are old enough, should they get it?

Of course, there are those people who are paranoid and overreacting when it comes to the shot. They claim the shot has a chip in it or they think if they get the shot, they will be monitored by the government.

Then there are those who have valid concerns about the vaccine. They may worry about its safety, since only the Pfizer shot is FDA approved. There may also be concern about allergic reactions. Plus, some people are being advised by their doctors not to get the shot due to immune system issues.

With many couples divorcing during the pandemic, some judges are using vaccine status to award child custody. This is what happened to a mom in Chicago, who hadn’t seen her son in several weeks due to a judge’s decision.

During a child support hearing on August 10, the woman was asked about her vaccine status. She told the judge that her doctor advised her not to get the COVID shot due to adverse reactions she had had in the past. Her ex-husband had been vaccinated.

The judge ruled that the woman would not be allowed to see her son until she got vaccinated. His reasoning was that “I am the judge, and I make the decisions for your case.” This was the first time a parent was denied custody of a child for not being vaccinated.

The woman appealed the decision. Less than three weeks later, on August 30, the judge withdrew the order since there was no proof that the woman was endangering her son. Plus, vaccination status wasn’t even the reason for the hearing, which was about child support and expenses. The judge simply used his power to coerce the woman to agree with his views.

The woman was still waiting to be reunited with her son, whom she missed very much. She hoped that the judge’s behavior would not become the norm for other families. Her ex-husband’s lawyer was caught off guard by the judge’s initial decision, but supported it given that many children have become infected with the coronavirus, and some have even died.

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Recently, judges have decided to make child custody decisions based on COVID vaccination statuses of the kids and parents. But is this fair? Should parents be forced to vaccinate themselves and their children because a judge thinks it’s in their best interest?

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