Charges pending for man in alleged Maryland casino theft

An alleged theft at an Anne Arundel casino has one man awaiting charges in connection with the incident. Authorities used the man’s cellphone to track him after they claimed he stole money from his employer.

On June 25, a scheduled audit at the Maryland Live casino turned up a missing $150,000. Authorities allege that security camera footage showed a 21-year-old casino employee placing a stack of $100 bills in his unbuttoned shirt. They claim that the man then left work early, just two hours before the missing money was discovered. The police applied for a ping order to track the man’s cellphone. This is when the phone carrier sends a signal out to the phone, which helps police keep track of the location of that phone’s operator.

Reports indicate that police discovered the man in the District with over $34,000 on his person. They also claim to have searched the trunk of one of the man’s acquaintances, where they allegedly recovered around $100,000. Authorities say the remaining $16,000 was not found in their search. It is unknown what charges police plan to file against the man in connection with the alleged incident. Reports indicate that the man may be extradited from the District to Anne Arundel County, where they claim the alleged theft occurred.

If theft charges are filed against the man, they can have far-reaching consequences if not successfully defended against. The penalties can include prison time or fines, depending on the amount allegedly stolen. An attorney with experience defending against theft charges may be able to help negotiate with prosecutors during plea bargaining to reduce these penalties. The attorney may also be able to represent the person in court, if necessary.

Source: The Washington Times, “Employee caught stealing $150K from Maryland casino”, Andrea Noble, June 27, 2014

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