5 Maryland residents face drug charges

Police say that five Anne Arundel County residents were taken into custody on drug charges during the month of June. The detainment followed the execution of two search warrants.

On June 11, officials searched a home in Brooklyn Park around 10 p.m. The officers reportedly seized $734 and 10 heroin capsules. The 36-year-old woman who lived there was detained and charged with possession of a dangerous controlled substance.

Around noon on June 19, police searched a vehicle sitting in a parking lot containing four men between the ages of 20 and 23. Police allegedly found $210, an amount of marijuana worth about $220 and an amount of heroin worth more than $2,160. The men were taken into custody and charged with possession of a dangerous controlled substance and distribution of a dangerous controlled substance.

Being accused and convicted of drug possession may have serious repercussions, including high-dollar fines and jail or prison time. When distribution accusations are added to the charges, the severity of the consequences could increase with a conviction.

One of the first steps a lawyer may take to build a defense for people accused of drug possession and distribution is analyzing the search and seizure for inconsistencies with police protocols. Police are required to follow strict regulations for search and seizure activities, such as getting a warrant or the permission of the accused before proceeding with a search. They must also provide due process of law for the accused as part of their Fourth Amendment rights.

If there is evidence that shows authorities breached search and seizure protocols or violated the rights of the accused, a lawyer could argue that the evidence gathered during the investigation is inadmissible. This may remove all police evidence from the case, leaving the judge with no option but to dismiss the charges.

Source: WUSA, “Multiple heroin arrests in Anne Arundel Co.”, Alanna Delfino, June 20, 2014

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