Father’s rights lawyer helps sailor delay custody case

When it comes to Maryland child custody laws, some of the most frequent disputes have to do with the rights of the father. A Howard County child custody lawyer is often left with the task of trying to help a father either gain custody of a child or have increased visitation rights. These disputes are not clear-cut and there are many nuances to how child custody issues are handled.

A father in the military who was on the verge of losing custody of his daughter because he was unable to attend the hearing due to his deployment has received welcome news. The judge issued a halt to the proceedings until the father is able to attend. This is an act that is based on federal law. The case had been moving forward before the judge was aware of the father’s situation. The birth mother had the now six-year-old child taken away from her four years ago. The sailor’s current wife has been caring for the child and was previously required to fly to the court hearing with the child. That too has been lifted. The father and his wife will retain custody until the next hearing in October.

A dispute over a child can be one of the most nerve-wracking and difficult issues that a couple can face. In some instances, the best interests of the child come to the forefront and the couple will agree to share custody and settle the matter amicably. In others, there are complex factors and the couple disagrees over everything with both wanting to have custody. Whether there are paternity disputes, problems with the supporting parent keeping up with payments, visitation and attempts to modify the agreement, a father’s rights lawyer is familiar with all aspects of custody cases.

In this case, a father serving in the military was on the verge of losing custody of his child because the judge was unaware he was deployed. Now the case has been stopped until it is easier for him to attend the hearing. When there is a case in which there are complicated issues or even a simple case in which both parents are essentially in agreement, it is always advisable to discuss the matter with an experienced legal professional.

Source: KOMONews.com, “Judge orders break in sailor’s child custody case,” Keith Eldridge, June 23, 2014

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