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Car Thefts Down In Maryland

July was National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month, and the good news is that car thefts are declining in Maryland, while Anne Arundel…

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Woman Pleads Guilty To Half-Million-Dollar Embezzlement Scheme

When a person is in charge of an organization or works as a treasurer, they can easily access money. This could lead…

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What Business Owners (Particularly Women) Should Know When Divorcing

Many people dream of owning their own business. The good news is that more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs, running their…

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Dealing With Adult Children Of Gray Divorce

When young children see their parents divorce, it can be devastating. But when a child turns 18, that feeling doesn’t go away.…

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Maryland Man Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Production

Child porn can be a lucrative crime. Child porn production brings in billions of dollars every year, so selling images and videos…

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Maryland Man Pleads Guilty To COVID Schemes

Fraud schemes are becoming more common during the age of COVID, with the government offering business loans and stimulus checks to help…

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Sexual Harassment By Doctors

When you think of the #MeToo movement, you may think of women and celebrities being sexually harassed by co-workers, movie directors, and…

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Why Sibling Bonds Grow After Divorce

Divorces come with a lot of negativity. It splits up a relationship. It stresses out kids. It creates instability. It causes financial…

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Is Living Apart Together Right For You?

Your spouse drives you nuts. You see them for a good part of your day and you’re sick of them. You love…

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Why Are Women More Likely To Initiate Divorce in Maryland?

In the past, women were stay-at-home mothers who didn’t work. They didn’t earn any income, so they couldn’t realistically live on their…

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