When to Seek Marriage Counseling

Every couple who walks down the aisle has dreams of living happily ever after. However, life often has other plans. People change. Some grow up, while others don’t. Some develop addictions or abuse their spouses. They lie to their partners. They don’t want to put any effort into their marriages.

When this happens, a marriage will come to a crossroads. One spouse will decide that enough is enough. Their first thoughts may turn to divorce.

However, divorce is a big step. If your marriage is suffering, then you should start taking steps to fix it. Marriage counseling is a good solution. A therapist can analyze your marriage and personalities to see what went wrong and where you can make changes.

However, marriage counseling can’t solve every problem. In some cases, it’s better to seek a divorce and start fresh. But you won’t know until you try. Here are some situations in which you should seek counseling.

There is Infidelity

When one or both parties have engaged in infidelity, counseling is a necessity. A marriage can survive cheating, but it takes a lot of work from both parties. They both have to be honest and be committed to the process. If not, then it may be better for both to move on.

There are Communication Problems

When you and your spouse are having trouble communicating, it’s best to nip this problem in the bud right away. A relationship requires both parties to talk to each other and express themselves in a positive manner. When communication becomes negative or fails to exist at all, then it’s a good time to see a counselor.

You Feel Like Roommates

You and your spouse should feel like a married couple. There should some degree of conversation and intimacy. If you do nothing but live together like roommates, then you need to seek counseling. Marriage is much more than co-existing in the same house, so get help before it’s too late.

You Need a Resolution

Sometimes you already know what the problem is, but you don’t know how to fix it. If this applies to your marriage, then seeking help from a counselor can be a good idea. A skilled therapist can push you and your spouse in the right direction so you can reach a resolution.

You’re Staying Together for the Children

Many couples think they are doing their kids a favor by staying together, but in many cases, it only makes things worse. When children are the only thing keeping a marriage together, there is often a lot of tension involved, and children can pick up on it. If you have no other reason to stay together, get a therapist involved to see if you are making the right decision.

Contact a Maryland Divorce Lawyer Today

All couples should seek counseling before divorcing. Counseling can help you decide if you can salvage your marriage or if divorce is the better option.

If you do decide to divorce, a Columbia divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can help you through the process. We have two offices to serve you. To schedule a free consultation, fill out the online form or call (410) 774-5987.




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