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When adoption and immigration laws collide

A Maryland adoption lawyer can assist a family seeking to adopt a child or children from overseas. The laws of adopting a child from outside the United States can be complicated and a Howard County adoption lawyer is familiar with the different rules and regulations in place that make adopting a child from outside the United States a long-term and expensive prospect.

A couple seeking to adopt a child from Eastern Europe is seeking financial assistance through donations to accrue the $21,000 they need for the expenses for the undertaking. The couple already has two children and are prepared to take on the responsibility of adopting a foreign child. In addition, the two-year-old child they plan to adopt has a muscle condition that is said to be treatable if he is brought to the U.S. The child is currently relegated to his crib for the most part. When he is taken out of the crib to play, he is limited in his movements. The family is closing in on having the money necessary to complete the adoption.

From filing the proper paperwork to ensuring that the entire process is conducted legally, it is important that Maryland families understand all the requisite laws to have a successful international adoption regardless of the family situation.

In this case, the family is seeking to raise money for the expenses that come with an international adoption. People should know that there are ways to bring these children home and make them part of their families.

Source: WSET, “Campbell Co. Family Raising Money to Adopt,” Angela Hatcher, Jan. 20, 2014

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