2 men arrested under assault and theft charges for armed robbery

Two men have been arrested in Hanover under suspicion of criminal activity outside of the Maryland Live! Casino. The police suspect that the two robbed another man by threatening him with a knife. The men face various assault and theft charges stemming from the alleged events of that day.

Local police received a call at around 7:45 from a man who claimed he had just been robbed. The victim claims that he was in his car, which was parked in the casino garage, and he had fallen asleep. He states that he awoke to the sounds of someone potentially tampering with the his vehicle, and when he exited the car to assess the situation, he claims that one of his tires was flat.

The victim continued to state that two men approached him, and one of the men brandished a knife. The victim said that he attempted to reenter his vehicle, but the man with the knife put the weapon up to his throat and forced him to surrender his wallet. The two suspects then allegedly fled the scene. The police used surveillance equipment in the garage to identify the alleged getaway vehicle, and the officers then used two separate photo arrays to question the victim. After the victim picked the suspects from the photos, the two men were subsequently arrested.

In scientific studies, eyewitness testimony has proven to be less accurate than other types of evidence, such as DNA. Even though the police officers were able to identify what they suspect to be the getaway vehicle, that and the eyewitness testimony of the victim may not be enough for Maryland prosecutors to move forward with the case. Regardless, as both men begin to form their respective criminal defenses against the assault and theft charges, a careful review of the evidence that the government intends to offer against them will be essential before the case does go to court.

Source: abc2news.com, Pair arrested following armed robbery at Maryland Live! garage, No author, Jan. 13, 2014

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