What are the top reasons to hire a lawyer for felony DUI charges?

It is true that many residents in the Howard County region of Maryland choose to face felony DUI charges on their own. It is largely a personal decision that you must make for yourself. However, by asking the question, “Should I hire an attorney?” you are demonstrating that you want the best possible outcome to your particular situation.

As you probably already know, a felony DUI conviction can change your life in many ways. Seeking to minimize the consequences is wise and a criminal defense attorney can definitely strengthen your chances. First and perhaps foremost, a DUI defense attorney knows the law inside and out. Even better, he or she is fully prepared to use this knowledge on your behalf. With a lawyer on your team, it is possible to reap the following rewards and many others.

— Having the charges against you reduced

— Eliminating or at least reducing jail time

— Lessening the severity of your sentence

— Having a knowledgeable legal advocate to protect your rights

More specifically, working with a defense attorney experienced with felony DUI charges opens the door to resources to which you might not otherwise have access. This means you have a better chance of challenging or suppressing damning evidence against you. For example, if your blood alcohol concentration tests were conducted improperly or unlawfully, a defense lawyer may be able to have this evidence thrown out.

The consequences of a felony DUI conviction are typically much worse than for an ordinary DUI. When it comes to your freedom, your reputation and your family’s well-being, leaving the situation to chance is nearly always unwise.

Source: FindLaw, “Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer,” accessed Nov. 07, 2016

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