Fulton DUI Lawyer

Fulton DUI Lawyer

Fulton DUI Attorney

A DUI can severely impact your life. Aside from the fines and a suspended license, you may face jail time if convicted. When charged with a DUI, it is imperative that you seek a knowledgeable and skilled Fulton DUI lawyer to protect your rights and plead your case.

At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, we have experience getting to the facts of drunk driving cases and finding our clients’ optimal drunk driving defense. Being arrested for a DUI does not guarantee that you are guilty. Scheduling a consultation with us means that you are getting years of experience on your side.

Fulton DUI Lawyer

How a DUI Lawyer Helps Their Clients

You are not alone when you hire a DUI lawyer. Having someone working on your behalf to advocate for your rights, lessen your charges, or dismiss your case altogether is essential when facing serious charges. With a DUI lawyer on your side, you can have with you:

  • Deep knowledge of the legal system
  • Top negotiation skills
  • Representation in the courtroom
  • Emotional support
  • Understanding of possible penalties

Maryland has procedures to handle DUI offenses. After an arrest, you can expect an administrative hearing and a trial for your charges. While the hearing can cause the suspension of your license, the second can send you to jail. The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, have represented our clients in both settings and worked to minimize the impact on our client’s lives.

Understanding Maryland DUI Laws

Maryland law prohibits intoxicated driving with two categories: driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI). The main difference between DWI and DUI is the driver’s impairment level and the substance that impaired the driver.

For a DWI, the person controlling a vehicle needs to be impaired to some extent by alcohol or a legal drug. This level of impairment is lower than that of a DUI. For a DUI, the person controlling a vehicle needs to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least .08% or be impaired to a substantial extent by a controlled substance or alcohol.

In Fulton, Maryland, you can get a DUI charge even if you were not “driving” at the time the police approached you. If you are under the influence and perceived to be in actual control of the car, this is grounds for a charge. Possible checks for control of a vehicle are where the car is parked, if the headlights are on, or if the engine is running. If any of these factors are true or hint toward you driving previously, you may get a DUI charge.

DUI Dismissals in Maryland

Your situation may seem hopeless initially but when you hire us, we explore every legal avenue to ensure that, if your case can get dismissed, it will. Getting your DUI charge dismissed is more than showing up to a courtroom and claiming that you did nothing wrong. Our firm has worked tirelessly to gain insight into and knowledge about the Maryland legal system concerning DUIs.

From questioning the traffic stop to contesting the breathalyzer results, trust that our attorneys can exhaust all available options. Sometimes, a case dismissal will not be possible. However, it may be possible to negotiate for lesser charges or alternative sentencing options.

Effective Defenses to Get Results

For a DUI case, the prosecution must prove two things: you drove the vehicle, and you were under the influence while doing so. Our skilled attorneys have a history of targeting one of these components and giving your case an outstanding criminal defense. The prosecution has to prove both elements, so some of the most common DUI arguments include:

  • A faulty or inherently unreliable sobriety test
  • Inaccurate sobriety test results
  • Witnesses who challenge an officer’s observations
  • Improper arrest procedure or illegal traffic stop
  • Lack of evidence that you were the driver


Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for a DUI in Maryland?

A: A lawyer is invaluable in Maryland, whether you are facing a first DUI or a repeat offense. With your first DUI conviction, you will be facing up to a six-month license suspension, a $1,000 fine, and up to one year of jail time. With a repeat offense, these penalties rise rapidly. Retaining the services of a lawyer can be the difference between sitting in jail and having your case dismissed.

Q: How Do You Beat a DUI in Maryland?

A: The way to beat a DUI charge in Maryland is by hiring a DUI lawyer for a strategic defense. Every case is different and may require a different defense, but some common arguments that attorneys might use are:

  • The police unreasonably stopped you.
  • The breath test was unreliable.
  • You were not in control of the vehicle.
  • The police did not give you the standard sobriety tests.

While many of these defenses, when valid, can dismiss your case, working with a DUI lawyer can ensure that you have the most suitable defense for your situation. It is also vital to explain your entire situation to your attorney so that they can work with all the facts. Withholding any evidence can work against you.

Q: How Likely Is Jail Time for Your First DUI in Maryland?

A: Jail time for your first DUI in Maryland is up to one year. This timeframe does not include additional charges, such as reckless driving, speeding, or other traffic offenses, that may enhance a sentence.

Avoiding the harshest consequences comes down to winning your DUI case. With a skilled Fulton DUI attorney, winning your case can be possible, and you can avoid jail time.

Q: Can a DUI Be Dismissed in MD?

A: A DUI can be dismissed in Maryland if you win your case. The proper defense against a DUI charge goes a long way. While you might use many common drunk driving defenses, understanding what can work for your unique situation requires knowledge of the legal system.

Remember, your case hinges on the prosecution’s ability to prove your charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution must prove that you were the driver and under the influence. If the prosecution fails to do so, the court can dismiss your charge.

Consult With Our Fulton DUI Lawyer

A DUI is more than just a simple traffic violation. Having a lawyer help with your case can mean avoiding jail time and keeping your license. The DUI lawyers at our Fulton Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, want to help you win your case. Contact us today to ask how we can defend your rights.


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