Unlikely Risk Factors For Divorce

When you think of factors that can cause divorce, you may think of things such as a lack of communication and money matters. However, studies show that other factors—even ones you wouldn’t suspect—can cause your marriage to end.

One factor—premarital sex—is tied to an increase in divorce, although it is unknown why. It doesn’t appear that religion and different values are involved. Instead, it is believed that suggests that premarital sex itself is the common link, and not necessarily those who engage in that activity.

The study showed that those with six or more premarital partners were most likely to divorce. The next highest group was those with one or two premarital partners. Those who had three to five partners, surprisingly, were much less likely to divorce. There was no clear-cut reason for this except that there might be emotional baggage involved. A person might dwell on one former partner, since they have limited sexual experience.

Other Risk Factors

Premarital sex is not the only factor involved in divorces. Researchers found other factors at play, including the following:

  • Getting married young. Those who get married in their late teens and early 20s are more likely to divorce.
  • Not a college graduate. Being a college graduate protects marriage, as college teaches communication and problem-solving skills. Those without a college degree are more likely to divorce as a result.
  • Racial differences. Asians have the lowest divorce rate, while blacks have the highest.
  • Those in the western United States are more likely to divorce, since there are more people and therefore more options to choose from when it comes to marital partners. Divorce rates are lowest in the Northeast. The rates are higher in urban areas than rural ones.
  • Getting a divorce? It may be in your genes, especially if you have a long family history of divorces.
  • Having a first-born daughter. This is an interesting factor and the reasoning is not entirely known, especially since the difference happens after the girl turns 12. It is believed that there could be tension between fathers and daughters or that parents argue more about raising girls.

The top causes of divorce are conflict, arguing, lack of commitment, and infidelity. However, there is also an emerging driver of divorce: disagreeing about having kids. Many people still want kids, but there’s a growing number of people who just don’t want kids for various reasons.

When it comes to infidelity, domestic violence and substance abuse, women were more likely than men to consider those behaviors their “final straw,” or dealbreakers.

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Marriage takes a lot of work. There are many things that can cause divorce, including things that you might not expect.

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