Understanding state laws regarding vehicle insurance

In the state of Maryland, all drivers must carry insurance with certain coverage minimums. Failure to comply with these rules could lead to fines and other penalties, including the inability to register a vehicle.

The insurance provider must be licensed to provide coverage within the state. The coverage must provide, at a minimum, $30,000 for bodily injury for each person and $60,000 for injury to two people or more as well as $15,000 minimum coverage for damage to property. When requested by the state Motor Vehicle Administration, a driver must show proof of this coverage. This will usually happen after the driver accumulates three points or more on his or her driving record or cancels an insurance policy.

Any time a driver is involved in an accident, information about this insurance coverage must be provided to law enforcement who arrive at the scene of the accident, the other driver or drivers involved, and any other person whose vehicle or other property was damaged in the crash. In the event that the driver fails to carry the necessary insurance coverage, he or she may be subject to fees and be prohibited from registering the current or any future vehicle until coverage is obtained. In cases where proof of insurance is falsified, a $1,000 fine may be imposed on the person as well as one year in jail.

For those who have been charged with driving without insurance, an attorney who has experience with traffic offenses may be able to help. The attorney could uncover proof of insurance or show that the accused had a legitimate reason for driving while uninsured.

Source: mva.maryland.gov, “Insurance Requirements for Maryland Vehicles”, July 18, 2014

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