Types of Internet Crimes

Internet scams and crimes have been around for many years. Remember the emails from the Nigerian prince? This scam was unsophisticated compared to the schemes and crimes that computer users experience today.

Criminal activity involving computers is on the rise. Today there are viruses, hackers, spam and phishing attacks coming from all directions. If someone lets their guard down, they can easily become a victim.

A computer can be attacked in a dozen ways. Technology experts take advantage of this and find ways to make profits.

If caught, these people face serious penalties. Internet crimes can be charged as felonies, resulting in punishment such as prison time and hefty fines. Read on to learn more about the various crimes found on the internet.


Most people are familiar with hacking. Hacking involves entering another person’s computer system without their permission. Hacking is often done by coders looking to show off their skills. Some hack for fun, while others do it for illegal reasons. The most common reasons are greed and voyeurism.


Phishing is a form of email impersonation. A person creates a realistic-looking email from a reputable company, such as a store or bank. The person will instruct you to click a link and update your personal information. The email may claim that your account will be closed if you don’t, causing you to take action. The scammer then steals the information you put into the fake site. These phishing emails are easily identifiable, as they often contain poor grammar.

Email Spamming

Another common internet crime that may impact your email is email spamming. This occurs when a person sends a large amount of emails to an inbox at the same time. This causes the mail server to crash. It can also cause websites to malfunction. Banks and large retailers are affected the most.

Web Jacking

Web jacking occurs when a person takes control of a website, changing the content or even redirecting the user. The user may be tricked into thinking it is a legitimate site. They may enter personal information and get their identity stolen.

The owner can no longer control the site. The attacker may ask the owner for a ransom in order to get control back.

Virus Dissemination

Some people create viruses to attach themselves into computer systems and steal personal information such as passwords, credit card information and Social Security numbers. These viruses are often hidden in email attachments. When the recipient opens them, the virus spreads throughout the computer, disseminating data and sometimes rendering the computer useless.

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While many people commit internet crimes against people they do not know in order to make a profit, sometimes these crimes are related to domestic disputes and are therefore committed against family members.

If this is the case, the Columbia internet crime lawyers at The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can help. We have criminal defense as well as family law experience, so we are well-equipped to handle your case. We have two offices in Maryland to serve you. Schedule your consultation by filling out the online form or calling (410) 774-5987.



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