Things Couples Do That Often Lead to Divorce

A marriage can end in many ways. In many cases, the problems are primarily caused by one spouse who may be cheating, spending money frivolously, gambling, using drugs or drinking too much alcohol. The spouse may have developed depression or some other mental disorder and refuse to get help, causing the marriage to fail.

However, a divorce can also be caused by the actions of both parties. Many couples can’t work together and they blame the other person for everything. Some stop communicating and end up being more like roommates.

If your marriage isn’t working, it may be because of something both you and your spouse are doing. Here are some common issues that lead to divorce.

Lack of Communication

Not talking to your spouse is a huge issue. You need to talk to your husband or wife about your feelings and your needs. If you have issues with your marriage, you need to discuss them with your partner so you can resolve them. However, many people vent to their friends and family members instead, which does nothing to solve the problem. Don’t expect your spouse to read minds. Talk to them on a daily basis about work, hobbies, friends, dreams, goals and life in general.

Not Working Together

It’s hard to be happily married when your spouse disagrees with or criticizes everything you do. Some couples resent each other or want the other person to change to be more like them. They have the same fights over and over. These behaviors cause the couple to become uncomfortable with each other and they eventually end up divorcing.

No More Spending Time Together

Married couples need to spend time together to strengthen their marriage. When they no longer go on dates and do things separately, the marriage starts to suffer. Do you want to reconnect with your spouse? If so, let them know. If you can no longer stand to be around your partner, then make plans to end the marriage now rather than waiting any longer.

Looking for Solutions Outside of Marriage

If your marriage is rocky, you need to be looking for ways to resolve the issues. Once you start drifting apart, you and your spouse may turn your focus to other things, such as children, work, substance abuse or even an affair. Ignoring the situation just makes it worse, so if you want to save your marriage, you need to be committing to tackling your problem head-on.

Contact a Maryland Family Law Attorney Today

There are many things that can cause a marriage to fail, but some of the biggest issues involve a lack of communication and not willing to work together. Once you know your marriage is in trouble, you need to act quickly to save it.

Are you at a crossroads with your marriage? Have you tried communication and counseling to try to make things work, but to no avail? If you are ready to end your marriage, contact the Columbia divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. today. Fill out the online form or call (410) 774-5987 to schedule a consultation. We have two offices to serve you.


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