Divorce-Related Searches Up This Year Thanks to COVID-19

What are people doing when they’re online? Many are checking Gmail and Facebook accounts. Many are looking at the weather forecast for the week. They may be looking up a video on YouTube or searching for cool products on Amazon and eBay. Many are getting news updates.

Many are also searching for specific terms, such as “I want a divorce.” Divorce-related searches are up by 11% this year as couples are dealing with quarantines, financial problems and other stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of people looking for information about divorce is up 34%.

The coronavirus has caused much more than sickness and death. The pandemic and stresses of quarantine have made it difficult for marriages to survive. While the divorce rate peaked in mid-April, lawyers have been busy the past few weeks as they schedule new clients, hold meetings over Zoom and engage in socially distant depositions.

The pandemic has caused a host of issues. Millions of Americans have been laid off, leading to financial issues. Many of those who still have jobs are working from home, which means couples are spending every moment together, with few breaks. This is causing couples to get on each other’s nerves. Many people have contracted coronavirus and gotten very ill or died. Schools are online with children learning from home, forcing many parents to make decisions about childcare and work.

All these stressors have taken a toll on many marriages. This has caused many married couples to seriously consider divorce, as seen by the recent uptick in online searches for “file for divorce online,” “how much does a divorce lawyer cost” and “I want a divorce.”

Most people did not start the divorce process earlier this year because they were apprehensive. They were concerned about finances because their job could have been next on the chopping block. Also, many were optimistic that things would get better. Even though many people are no longer working remotely and have gone back to the office now, they are still confident in their decision to move forward with divorce.

This has no doubt been a crazy year, but many people are using 2020 to make changes to their lives. While ending your marriage over the pandemic may seem trivial to some, the truth is that it was probably a blessing in disguise. You discovered the true strength of your marriage. If your marriage ended in divorce, it’s likely that it was on shaky ground before the pandemic.

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