Theft Ring Leads To $129K In Stolen Beauty Products

A theft ring has crossed state lines, resulting in more than $129,000 stolen from beauty stores in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Two Maryland women have been arrested so far, but it’s likely that others are involved.

Six police agencies are investigating the thefts at Ulta Beauty stores. The thefts are resulting in thousands of dollars of stolen goods each time. There have been 27 thefts so far, beginning in September 2020.

Two women have been charged with one of the thefts. The two allegedly stole more than $8,000 in products from Ulta Beauty in West Virginia, including 85 bottles of perfume and cologne. The security tabs were still attached to the products. The women were to face grand larceny charges in Maryland, but have since been transferred to Eastern Regional Jail in West Virginia.

It is unknown if the women were involved in the other thefts. The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating four thefts that have occurred so far this year at an Ulta Beauty store in Southern Maryland. More than $20,000 in perfumes and cologne have been stolen. Law enforcement officials from another Maryland county have arrested two other suspects in connection with the theft ring.

One other person has been charged with an Ulta theft in Maryland. A 26-year-old man from Hagerstown was caught stealing from the Ulta store in Hagerstown. He stole more than $400 in men’s Gucci fragrances from the store on January 24. Eleven thefts occurred at the Hagerstown store between September 18 and February 9. Each time, several thousand dollars worth of fragrances were stolen, with the total value approximately $37,800.

Winchester Police in Virginia are also working to catch the suspects involved in the theft ring. On February 16, $14,000 of perfume was stolen from the Winchester Ulta store. They are working with other law enforcement agencies and coming up with a plan.

Police in Pennsylvania are also investigating the January 3 theft at an Ulta store in Chambersburg. Approximately 50 bottles of cologne and perfume worth $4,710 were stolen from the store.

It is unknown why the theft ring is happening in areas such as West Virginia and Virginia, and why Ulta stores are the only ones being targeted. These incidents are unusual for the area, as they are more likely to occur in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and other large cities. Only perfumes and cologne are being stolen from the stores and it is suspected that they are being resold for a profit.

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