Pharmacist Sentenced To Prison For Drug Distribution Conspiracy

A pharmacist has been sentenced to more than 14 years in federal prison for illegally distributing prescription drugs as well as hiring someone to murder a person who alleged informed police about his activities. On March 4, the 51-year-old man from Baltimore received a sentence of 171 months in federal prison, with three years of supervised release, for distributing oxycodone and alprazolam.

The man was a licensed pharmacist who owned and operated the Frankford Family Pharmacy, located in Baltimore. His pharmacist license was suspended in August 2017. In October 2018, he pled guilty to distribution of oxycodone and alprazolam for illegitimate medical purposes. In December 2020, he also pled guilty to murder for hire, after ordering a “hit” on a person who allegedly cooperated with law enforcement and led hinm to be indicted on those criminal charges.

A confidential source informed law enforcement that the pharmacist used the pharmacy to knowingly fill fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone and alprazolam. The source made multiple purchases from the man using blank prescriptions provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The pharmacist was aware that the prescriptions were fraudulent because he told the source the name and quantity of oxycodone tablets to write on the prescriptions. Between April 2015 and June 2017, the man had fraudulently distributed 10,000 milligrams of oxycodone and 12,330 units of alprazolam.

In June 2017, the pharmacist was indicted for a drug conspiracy involving oxycodone and alprazolam distribution. He was arrested on June 27, 2017 and released just two days later. In October 2018, he pled guilty to oxycodone and alprazolam possession and distribution charges.

Just a few weeks later, surveillance cameras captured a drug transaction, in which a second confidential source was arrested. Law enforcement searched the person’s vehicle and found two shoe boxes containing 35 bottles of the prescription medications clonidine and promethazine. The person had obtained the medications from the pharmacist.

The pharmacist told the second confidential source about the first confidential source, who had informed law enforcement about his activities and got him arrested. The two discussed having the first confidential source killed. The pharmacist provided the second confidential source with information about the first confidential source and saisd that the fee for the murder for hire would be $5,000 up front and $5,000 when the person was killed.

In February 2019, the pharmacist was informed that the person was murdered and that the hitman wanted the money. The pharmacist wanted proof and was given several fake photos showing the victim bound with zip ties, shot and killed. After the meeting, law enforcement arrested the pharmacist.

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Prescription drug crimes are punished harshly, as misuse and fraud in this area has increased dramatically in the past decade. Even those in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, are finding ways to obtain personal use of oxycodone and other popular drugs.

Prescription drugs can lead to fines and many years in prison. Seek legal help from the Columbia prescription drug crimes attorneys at The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. We can assess your case and provide you with a solid defense. Schedule a consultation by calling (410) 774-5987 or filling out the online form. We have two offices to serve you.


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