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A closer look at the collateral consequences of a conviction

Those individuals facing any sort of serious criminal charges typically tend to focus on a sole consequence of a possible conviction: incarceration.…

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Does a popular traffic app really pose a danger?

Whether they realize it or not, most people have some sort of routine that they follow prior to leaving their home. It…

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How accurate are eyewitness identifications in criminal cases? — II

In our last post, our blog examined how the National Research Council recently published an eye-opening report discussing how mistaken eyewitness identifications…

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How accurate are eyewitness identifications in criminal cases?

The National Research Council, a nonprofit dedicated to helping “shape sound policies, inform public opinion, and advance the pursuit of science, engineering,…

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Missing school bus found with severe damage

Two people have been charged with theft and attempted arson, among other charges, after a Maryland school bus was stolen and vandalized.…

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Woman held in Maryland on open Pennsylvania warrant

Police in Maryland took a 43-year-old woman into custody on Sept. 23 after receiving a report that a burglary was taking place…

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2 men charged with theft in Maryland

Police say that two men believed to have stolen radiators, batteries and stereo equipment from cars in a parking lot in Odenton…

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Teenager charged for theft after GPS unit is reported stolen

An 18-year-old man in Maryland was accused of stealing a vehicle GPS unit and pawning it on Aug. 7. The alleged burglary…

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How is ‘theft’ defined under Maryland law?

If you face theft charges in Maryland, the penalties can range from very minor to serious, depending on various factors. The courts…

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3 accused of jewelry theft

Three people have been detained and charged in relation to a Maryland jewelry store theft that occurred earlier this year. The three…

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