3 accused of jewelry theft

Three people have been detained and charged in relation to a Maryland jewelry store theft that occurred earlier this year. The three were allegedly involved in stealing approximately $25,000 worth of jewelry from the Lutherville store in the May 13 robbery. According to investigators, a fourth person who may have been involved in the robbery has not yet been taken into custody.

Police stated in a press release that two couples entered the jewelry store; three of the individuals then worked to distract the store’s employees while the fourth removed jewelry from the store’s safe. Employees did not realize that a theft had occurred until after all four had left the premises.

Prosecutors have also accused the suspected individuals of involvement in other recent thefts in the area. One of them is accused of taking part in a liquor store robbery in Parkville that occurred in January, and he and one other are accused of a pair of jewelry store thefts that occurred in Lutherville and Pikeville in 2013. One of the individuals has been released on bail of $100,000 while the other two remain at the Baltimore County Detention Center on bail of $450,000.

Theft charges against an individual can lead to serious penalties if they result in a conviction. A conviction for felony theft of property or services of at least $10,000 but less than $100,000 is punishable by a prison term of up to 15 years and a fine of up to $15,000. A defense attorney could negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or penalties in some instances. If an individual is accused of being part of a theft ring, the defense attorney might also uncover evidence that the accused was unaware of the criminal activities of the rest of the group.

Source: ABC2 WMAR Baltimore, “Baltimore County police charge couple in series of jewelry store thefts,” July 9, 2014

Source: CBS Baltimore, “3 Arrested In Maryland Jewelry Theft”, July 09, 2014

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