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Child support enforcement pursues rock star in lawsuit

Maryland child support laws are in place to ensure that those responsible for the care and upkeep of their children pay what they’re supposed to pay when they’re supposed to pay it. In the event that these payments are in dispute or are not being made on time, a Howard County child support lawyer can provide assistance and child support information on how to proceed. While many parents who share a child are happy to fulfill their obligations, there are instances when this is not the case and the situation has to be dealt with legally.

These situations can crop up with anyone from famous people to workaday people. The cases with well-known participants are often in the media as is the dispute between the former lead singer of the band Oasis and a woman with whom he shares a daughter. The woman — a journalist who had a brief affair with Mr. Gallagher — would like higher child support payments for the child. Mr. Gallagher has four children with four women. He offered the woman $5,000 per month in child support and she refused. The case is moving forward as the woman seeks a higher amount than Mr. Gallagher is willing to pay.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a child support case, it’s important that both sides make certain that the child is properly cared for. Whether there are issues with custody, visitation, child support enforcement, modifying the agreement or a parent trying to move out of state with the child, the child’s well-being should come to the forefront. In a best case scenario, both parents will work together to come to an amicable agreement regarding all issues. Realistically, that doesn’t always happen and disputes must be dealt with according to Maryland child support laws.

In the case of Mr. Gallagher and the mother of his daughter, there is a chasm between what the woman wants to receive in child support and what Mr. Gallagher is willing to pay. As a result, the case is going through the court system. With any case involving child support issues, one of the key decisions both parents can make is to have the proper legal basis for their goals.

Source: New York Daily News, “Ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher faces trial date in baby mama’s child support lawsuit,” Barbara Ross, June 24, 2014

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