Separate investigation yields arrest of 2 men for drug possession

While responding to a call concerning a completely different incident, a Calvert County Deputy arrested two men under suspicion of drug crimes. The Maryland deputy allegedly searched the two and found multiple drugs and drug paraphernalia. She arrested both men, and they were each charged with drug possession, among other charges.

The deputy was called to a residential area in Lusby to investigate a report about an illegally parked car. When she arrived, the car was legally parked, but she claimed that two men exited a domicile and began walking toward her. She asked the men for identification, and she noticed what she suspected to be marijuana on the front of one man’s shirt. She decided to search the man, and she purportedly found drugs on his person.

The other man claimed that his identification was in the residence, so the deputy went with him to get it. The two purportedly gave permission to the deputy to search the domicile, and she allegedly discovered more drugs. One man was charged with possession of marijuana as well as possession of several pills that included Percocet, Xanax and Vyvanse. The other man was charged with possession of marijuana, Percocet and drug paraphernalia.

In this case, as with any case, the defense will carefully review the actions of the Maryland deputy to ensure that she properly followed all appropriate procedures for searching and arresting the two men. Even though the deputy claims to have evidence against the men, they — like all others accused of drug possession — are innocent until, and only if, proven guilty by government prosecutors in criminal court. Furthermore, as their criminal proceedings move forward, they will surely want to ensure that their legal rights are fully protected through the entirety of the process.

Source:, A report of illegal parking leads to arrest for possession, No author, Feb. 10, 2014

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