Maryland divorce lawyers help state senator and wife divorce

It is inevitable that some marriages end with divorce. Divorce laws in Maryland are in place to assist people who have chosen to end their marriage to do so in as efficient and organized a manner as possible. With the help of a family law attorney such as a Howard County divorce lawyer, a divorce can be completed regardless of the circumstances and the the professional position of the people seeking to end the marriage.

A state senator and his wife chose to end their marriage after allegations that the 64-year-old senator had engaged in an affair with a 26-year-old aide who had worked for him for two years.

The man has been a member of the state senate for 19 years. Prior to being elected to that post, he had been in the House of Delegates for eight years.

The couple reached agreement to divorce with help from their divorce lawyers and requested privacy in the matter. The records of the proceeding are currently sealed at the request of the senator to prevent a negative influence on his career. They will be available on March 1.

When a couple chooses to divorce, there are many issues that need to be hashed out. Maryland divorce lawyers frequently see couples who are able to come to an amicable and reasonable resolution for everything in their case. In other situations, however, there are child support factors, custody disputes, property and asset allocation, professional concerns, and possible domestic incidents among many other things that have to be navigated. Nonetheless, no matter the disagreements in the case and the issues that must be settled, divorce laws in Maryland are in place to benefit all parties including the couple and their children.

Source:, “Sen. Colburn divorce resolved, records to be unsealed on March 1,” Feb. 17, 2014

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