Senior Assaulted During Carjacking

Drivers are protective of their vehicles. Cars and trucks are one of the most expensive assets a person has and understandably, they don’t want strangers trying to drive off with their sets of wheels. So when a person becomes a victim of a carjacking, they may try to stand their ground, but unfortunately, they could get assaulted in the process.

That was the case in Maryland, when four people attempted to steal a senior citizen’s car. The woman was assaulted in the process and suffered broken bones.

The incident happened on the evening of March 29 in the Capitol Heights area of St. George’s County. The victim, a woman in her 60s, was just arriving home from running errands when four suspects approached her and demanded her car keys. The suspects took the belongings from her hands and searched her pockets. The group took the keys and ran off.

The woman ran to a neighbor’s house for help. That was when one of the suspects ran after her and tackled her to the ground. The suspects then all took off without the vehicle.

The woman suffered two broken bones and required surgery on her foot. None of the four suspects have been located. They have been identified as four young men. The Prince George’s County Police Department is asking the community to view the surveillance video and photos of the suspects and provide them with any information they have.

Carjacking in Maryland

Carjacking is a serious offense in Maryland. If the suspects are caught, they can face significant prison time. Carjacking is a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison. This punishment is very severe and even harsher than armed robbery. A person can face even more time in prison if there are other elements involved, such as theft, burglary, robbery, or assault. Because assault did occur in this case, it’s possible that the one suspect who knocked down the woman could face more than 30 years in prison if caught. More severe sentences could also be given for those who have prior criminal convictions on their record.

Mental health issues and addiction are factors that could affect a person’s punishment for carjacking. A full evaluation would be needed to determine the extent of the person’s mental issues and decide on appropriate punishment. Instead of extra jail time, for example, the judge may sentence the person to an appropriate treatment program. Inpatient treatment may be recommended along with probation.

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Carjacking and assault are serious crimes in Maryland. A person can face felony charges, as well as fines and extensive prison time.

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