Maryland Couple Returns From Vacation To $50K Theft

Many people expect to come back from vacation to recuperate from being away from home. They expect to sleep in their own bed and have access to all their belongings—the comforts of home.

A Maryland couple instead came home to find the door to their apartment damaged. Once inside, they found that all their stuff was gone and there were two people lying in their bed.

The couple left for vacation on March 28. On April 5, they returned to their home on Edmonston Road in Greenbelt to find it completely empty. The only piece of furniture left in the home was the couple’s bed, and two strangers—a man and a woman—lying on it.

The suspects admitted to taking all the couple’s property and even got aggressive with the couple. The man told the couple that this was a “learning experience” and even showed how he broke into the apartment by breaking the locks on the front door. He told the couple to get a better lock for their apartment. The suspects then fled the apartment on foot, but not before the man told the shocked couple that they planned to do the same thing at other apartments in the area.

The two strangers stole $49,100 in property from the couple, including appliances and furniture. The apartment was fully furnished when the couple left. When they returned, the living room was completely empty. There were trash bags filled with items as well as trash smeared on the walls. The kitchen was also empty and on top of that, the cabinet doors were missing. The second bedroom was completely empty and the main bedroom was also empty except for the bed. All the closets were completely empty as well.

Neighbors were stunned about the incident. They had seen appliances in the front yard and assumed the couple had moved out and new tenants had moved in. Now, the neighbors are scared that something like this could have happened to them. The couple were allowed to break their lease. The residents have since moved out and the apartment is now vacant. There is still damage to the front door.

The couple caught the squatters on video, but the two have not yet been caught. The Greenbelt Police Department is still looking for the suspects.

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Thefts can range from petty shoplifting offenses to more serious ones robbing a person of their vehicles, furniture, and other belongings. In any case, a person can face serious penalties.

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