Recent storm ends in legal storm for Maryland assault suspect

When a natural disaster takes hold of a location, it is then natural for people’s emotions to reach extreme levels. Whether those emotions include fear, worry, sadness or anger, it’s hard to predict how people will respond to something as severe as a hurricane.

According to news reports, a Maryland man is currently facing various criminal charges as a result of his alleged, somewhat unusual response to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. He is charged with assault, reckless endangerment and destruction of property. Based on those charges, it sounds like he himself was the hurricane.

The storm itself was responsible for widespread destruction of property, including the damage to various power lines throughout the state. Downed power lines are dangerous and can cause slowed traffic. That reality reportedly didn’t sit well with one Maryland driver last Sunday.

NBC Washington reports that a driver stopped when he saw a downed power line on the road last weekend. He stopped and reportedly approached the driver in the car behind him to warn him of the danger ahead. The warned driver, according to sources, didn’t so much appreciate the warning or the slowed traffic and, therefore, allegedly attacked the other driver.

During his alleged assault against the driver, sources indicate that officials say the suspect was intoxicated. His state of mind purportedly led the assault suspect to grab the downed -but still sparking – power line and throw it at the other driver. That alleged action put both the other driver and the suspect at great risk of serious injury; however, no one sustained injuries.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in court later this month. An effective criminal defense understands that assault defendants are often overcharged, which is a dangerous reality. Assault convictions can lead to various serious penalties, including jail time, fines and a negative impact on a person’s future career opportunities.


NBC Washington: “Irene rage?: Man accused of assault with downed power line,” Sep. 1, 2011

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