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Baltimore Ravens coach faces significant consequences for DUI

We have discussed the severity of drunk driving charges, convictions and sentencing on this blog in the past. Being charged with DUI in Baltimore means various things. It doesn’t just mean that someone could have to pay a fine or serve jail time. It can also have a great impact on a person’s overall reputation and career.

The career consequences of a driving while impaired conviction is exemplified through the case of Baltimore Ravens offensive line coach Andy Moeller. While NFL fans celebrated game day yesterday, Moeller is being forced to sit out of his position as coach until Sep. 19.

According to news reports, Moeller’s job has been put on hold – and threatened – since he was found guilty of DWI in April. The NFL has a personal-conduct policy, and if NFL employees violate the rules, they answer to league officials. In Moeller’s case, he is suspended from working the first two games of the season. That’s not all. The league also fined him $47,000.

In other careers, if someone is convicted of driving under the influence, it isn’t uncommon for employers to never know anything about the supposed offense. In the case of NFL employees, they not only have to answer to the criminal justice system, but they face extra consequences from the league.

Along with his temporary suspension, Moeller spent two days in jail and was ordered to serve probation for two years. He has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and submit to random drug testing while on probation. His DWI has greatly affected his life. His punishments are likely more severe because Moeller reportedly has prior DWIs on his record.

The Baltimore Ravens owner has told sources that Moeller is on his last chance with the team. That goes to show just how serious of a threat that a drunk driving charge can be to a person’s future and why it’s important for someone facing a DWI to depend on experienced legal counsel.


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