Reasons For Gray Divorce

Divorce is on the rise for some demographics, and we’re not talking about young people who have only been married for a couple years. We’re talking about couples in their 60s and beyond who have been married for three or four decades.

Why would someone divorce after being with the same person for so many years? Things change over time. The person you married so long ago may not be someone you get along with anymore. You may be bored with your life.

Staying married forever is no longer the preferred route for many couples. Many are ready and willing to move on once they hit retirement age. They want to see what life has to offer, with no regrets. Here are some reasons why gray divorce is on the rise.

No More Stigma

It was a shocking thing for couples to divorce 20-30 years ago. There is no longer a stigma. Some couples never get married. Some have children out of wedlock. Many divorce after several years or several decades. When it comes to marriage and divorce, anything goes. Hardly anyone will judge you for divorce anymore.

Empty Nest

Once children move out and start their own lives, couples often no longer have anything in common. What is there to talk about? Their child rearing days are done, so what else is there to do? Many couples discover that they no longer have anything in common.

People are Living Longer

Life expectancy is rising. A person could live to be in their 80s, 90s, or beyond. If you’re 50 years old now, that could be another 30+ years of marriage with someone you’re tired of being around. That’s a long time if you’re already in misery. Many choose to get out now and enjoy the life they have left.


COVID has increased stress among couples. Quarantines and stay-at-home orders mean couples are spending most—if not all—of their time together. This is causing tension and fighting, with couples fed up with their spouses’ annoying habits. The pandemic has made couples re-evaluate their marriages.

More Freedom

Being at someone’s beck and call for decades can be demanding. After a while, it gets tiring having to wait on someone. Maybe you’re tired of cooking dinner or doing everything your spouse wants to do. Perhaps you have felt as if you have never had your own life. This is especially true if you have divorced or widowed friends who seem to be living it up now that their spouses are out of the picture. You may desire that same life as well, making divorce seem more and more attractive.

Contact a Maryland Family Law Attorney Today

Marriage is complicated. The social norms regarding it have changed. People feel more free about ending their marriage at an older age, once the kids have left the nest.

There are many reasons for gray divorces. No matter your age or reason, the Columbia divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can help. Let us help make the process smooth and stress-free. Schedule a consultation by calling (410) 774-5987 or filling out the online form. We have two offices to serve you.


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