NFL star and reality show winner Hines Ward denies driving drunk

Of the many things that can be learned from this criminal defense blog, one of those lessons is that professional athletes often wind up in the news. Whether they are law enforcement targets or actually causing more trouble is up for debate.

What is important is that they get the criminal defense they need in order to prevent the legal system from making an example out of them. NFL star Hines Ward, 35, is currently in an unexpected fight to protect his name and freedom from a DUI charge following a Jul. 4 incident.

According to Reuters, Ward was pulled over after 3 a.m. on the holiday in Georgia. He hadn’t caused an accident or hurt anyone, but apparently authorities believe that there was reason enough to pull the suspect over for suspicion of driving under the influence. Sources do not disclose why he was pulled over, and if police did not have a legally valid reason, that fact alone could work in favor of the two-time Super Bowl winner.

Reuters reports that Ward’s manager has already responded to the DUI case against the star. Authorities have not released the outcomes of any sobriety, breath or blood tests. But as most of us know, those tests lead to many suspects being wrongfully charged with drunk driving.

Ward’s manager has told sources that evidence will be presented to prove the DUI allegation wrong. He insists the NFL champ and new “Dancing with the Stars” winner was not driving while impaired and should, therefore, have his name cleared of the dangerous allegation.

This isn’t Ward’s first time being the target of a criminal accusation. A couple of months ago, he was threatened by police in relation to a car theft case. Police had the wrong men then, and it sounds like they have recklessly targeted Ward again in this case.

We will post an update when there are new developments in this case.


Reuters: “Former Super Bowl MVP Ward Arrested for Drunken Driving,” Eric Johnson, 9 Jul. 2011

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