Fireworks and violence erupt at Baltimore’s holiday celebration

This past weekend is a weekend that creates positive memories for many families every year. Independence Day celebrations are a time to celebrate not only one’s country but one’s family, while attending a local fireworks show.

A holiday celebration in Inner Harbor, however, provided more than family fun. According to Baltimore reports, at least two people were victims of a violent crime at the July 4th festivities. One man died in a fight, and another boy was supposedly shot in his leg.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore’s Police Commissioner are stunned by the violence that erupted during the holiday’s festivities. They, however, also remind the public that the assaults were not widespread, and the majority of the attendees of the Inner Harbor celebration remained safe during the show.

At this point, sources report that no suspects have been arrested for either of the assaults that occurred on Monday night. The homicide victim was 26 years old and was stabbed in the neck. The injured boy survived his injury. Somehow, the 4-year-old wound up with a bullet near his knee. Authorities are still unsure whether he was a target. It’s suggested that the wound could have been a result of a celebratory shot aimed up in the air.

Those who were at or near the Baltimore festivities note how it was difficult among the fireworks to discern what were gunshots and what were fireworks. Many say that they are disappointed and saddened by what happened and fear for the safety of their city that they care so much about.

Sources report that ideas about improving safety at future Inner Harbor events are being discussed by city officials. We will post an update to this case if any new developments are disclosed.


The Baltimore Sun: “Shooting, stabbing follow Inner Harbor fireworks display,” Justin Fenton, 5 Jul. 2011

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